Approved: 1/05/15



Constitution and By-Laws 

I. Name  

This association shall be called Magnolia Basketball Association (ie: MBA)

II. Purpose  

Fiscal year - September 1st Through August 31st

The purpose of the organization is to offer amateur sports programs through a volunteer base for all people; to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship; to conduct programs that provide for, enhance and strengthen participation and competition for amateur athletes; to work with other sports organizations to benefit amateur athletes. 

The organization is formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. 

The organization shall not conduct directly or indirectly any gaming. The term gaming includes: Bingo, Beano, lotteries, pull-tabs pari-mutuel betting, Calcutta wagering, pickle jars, punch boards, tip boards, tip jars, certain video games, casino games, sports betting, etc. 

Principal(s) of this Organization shall be responsible for all aspects of this organization, including by not limited to: all sports activities, volunteers, staffing, training and leadership, fundraising, compliance with all filing requirements, state and federal laws and regulations, all local ordinances, the AAU Code and Policy Statements, and all amendments thereto. 

III. Registration  

Registration is for children and parent coaches that live in the Magnolia Area.  This may include surrounding areas but will be grouped with Magnolia area players.  To be a coach you must have a child registered within Magnolia Basketball Association.

Voting Members 

Executive Board Members of Magnolia Basketball Association shall have voting rights, during their term of service.  Board Members can participate in voting but there must be an Executive Board vote to allow it.  It must be a 3/4 vote and if there’s a tie vote (2/2) the President has the final vote. 

Non-Voting Members  

All parents of basketball players, playing in any of the programs of Magnolia Basketball Association shall be non-voting members.  

IV. Governing Body  

The Board shall govern and administer the day-to-day operation of the association within the scope of the By-Laws and the policy guidelines set by the Board. The Board shall set policy guidelines, and make amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws.  


Once adopted, this Constitution and By-Law document, shall only be amended by a 3/4 vote and voting at Board meetings.  





  1. The purpose, for which Magnolia Basketball Association formed, is to foster, encourage and promote the playing of the sport of basketball for the children in the Magnolia, TX area. This will be done through various means in order to develop and promote the qualities of physical fitness, competitive spirit, and team play. This organization was formed in order to develop and encourage stronger basketball programs in our area.  


  1. Besides teaching young athletes basketball, the club tries to promote strong values. Our core values are: 
  1. Excellence is always doing your best and striving to make your best better; therefore, always have the expectation of achieving excellence for yourself and your team. 
  2. Hard work and dedication is the path to individual success.  
  3. Teamwork and cooperation is the path to group success.  
  4. Do not compromise your values for temporary gain. 
  5. No individual is bigger than the team. 

We try to teach these values through example and reinforcement as we build and operate our program.  


  1. The Executive Board shall consist of four elected positions and supporting board members. The elected positions will include: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. There will be a two year term for each of these positions with the understanding that the Vice President will succeed the President after two years. If for any reason the elected member cannot complete a two year term, the Executive Board will appoint a replacement.  
  2. The day-to-day business of Magnolia Basketball Association shall be managed by the Executive Board.
  3. Any request for change that requires a financial decision must be voted on by the Executive Board.  It will require a 3/4 vote to be accepted.  
  4. Meetings of the Executive Board will be called on a monthly basis 3 month before the season starts.  After the season starts, meetings will be called when needed.  
  5. Where there are insufficient items to hold a meeting, the President may poll by email to all the members of the Executive Board to obtain their vote and notify all Executive Board members of the vote decision prior to the next meeting.  
  6. In the event of a vacancy in any of the elected offices through resignation or other causes, the Executive Board, by a majority vote may fill such a vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term.  
  7. If a member has missed three consecutive meetings and has not been involved in board activities/responsibilities held within the three month time frame without contacting another member to explain absence, a letter will be sent notifying him/her of membership revoke and board replacement at the following meeting unless the absent member is present at that meeting. 


  1. No officer or other voting member of this association shall receive any fee for activities concerned with his or her official office in Magnolia Basketball Association.  
  2. Payment for any personal expenses must be approved by 2 Executive Board Members.  
  3. Any Executive Board member has the authority to spend $50 without the approval of the Board for an item which promotes the purpose of Magnolia Basketball Association.
  4. All checks must have 2 signatures from the Executive Board.
  5. All purchase over $50 must receive approval from 2 Executive Board Members.  



  1. Call to order business meetings of the Executive Board. 
  2. Functions as tie-breaking vote when vote does not meet 3/4 majority. 
  3. Serves as supportive resource for all board members.  


  1. In the absence of the President, shall be acting President. 
  2. Shall perform other such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board. 
  3. Serves as supportive resource for all board members.  


  1. Collects and disburses funds as operational necessity dictates. 
  2. Manages bank accounts as necessary.
  3. Keeps records of receipts and expenditures of Magnolia Basketball Association 
  4. Renders a statement of financial condition at business meetings.   
  5. Responsible for doing the taxes at the end of every year.


  1. Notifies the Executive Board of business meetings  
  2. Coordinates and maintains all association correspondence within and outside the association. 
  3. Records minutes of all meetings.
  4. Assists the President in his/her duties.

Board Members

  1. Supporting board members will be voted in by the Executive Board.  It will require a 3/4 vote.
  2. Task will be assigned to Board members (Web Development/ Concessions/ Uniform orders/ players gifts, etc)
  3. Will assist in the day to day activities for Magnolia Basketball Association