Information email sent out every September


Registration starts October 1st and ends October 31st.  The cost is $175 per child.  
Kindergarten through 6 th grade girls and boys in the Magnolia Texas area are welcome to sign
up. Attending Magnolia schools is not required to play basketball.
Below are the defined divisions in Magnolia Basketball.
Kindergarten – K Division
Division 1 (D1) – 1 st /2 nd graders
Division 2 (D2) – 3 rd /4 th graders
Division 3 (D3) – 5 th /6 th graders
Important information below:
Go to “contact us” send us an email – request add me to your list for regular updates
1. Registration opens Oct 1st thru Oct 31st.
2. We are only accepting online registrations.  No registrations will be accepted at Draft
3. We will do our best to place kids on their respective side of town but there is no
4. We are limiting all divisions to 80 kids.  Each year we usually hit the limit in D2 Boys
and D3 Boys.
5. Trophy’s for 1st /2nd place – All Divisions
6. If you are interested in coaching, you will need to register online (no cost).  There is
no guarantee that you will be given a team.  Once teams are created, I will email the
coaches. There will be a mandatory coach’s meeting for all coaches.
7. Draft Day for D2 and D3 – Skills assessment and draft – all kids placed on a team
8. K and D1 – TBD
Draft Day: A Saturday in November.
9:00am – D3 Boys skills assessment and Draft
10:30am – Mandatory Coaches Meeting – All Divisions
o Coach/Asst. coach - background information required
11:30pm – D2 Girls skills assessment and Draft
12:30pm – D3 Girls skills assessment and Draft
1:30pm - D2 Boys skills assessment and Draft
Practices for all teams start Dec. 5th
Games - Typically start the second Saturday in January and lasts 7 weeks
Frequently asked Questions:

1. What is the refund policy? We will refund 100% of your money at any time for
any reason until the first game, a pro-rated amount will be determined after the
first game.
2. What precautions are recommended? This is a medical question, please direct
any medical questions to your healthcare professionals.

3. Will you require mask wearing or prevent mask wearing? No
4. Will players be allowed to play if they are sick? Just like with any other illness,
we ask parents to use good judgement and keep players, parents and children
home if they are sick.

Parents FAQ:

1. If I have multiple children in the same division, will they be on the same team?
Siblings in the same division are automatically on the same team unless you
request otherwise. If you have multiple children with different last names, please
request the same team in the notes.
2. What if I am unable to make the draft? Your child will be randomly placed on a
3. Where are the practices and games? Practices are at Magnolia Area Elementary
and 6th grade campuses. Each coach will select the school and night/time for
practice, so I will not know this information before the middle of November. The
games are on Saturdays and alternate between Bear Branch & Magnolia JR
4. When are the practices and game? Practices are one night per week Monday to
Thursday for 1.5 hours, either 5:30pm to 7:00pm or 7:00pm to 8:30pm for K, D1
and D2. D3 has two practices per week for 1.5 hours. Games are Saturdays,
each game takes one hour, games start at 8:00am and run to about 4:00pm. We
start with kindergarten at 8:00am.
5. What if my child doesn’t attend Magnolia schools? Many children play in the
league from surrounding areas.
6. What ages/grades play in this league? We have Kindergarten through 6th
graders play in Magnolia Basketball. Typically, Kindergarten and D1 are co-ed,
D2 and D3 have a separate division for boys and girls. If we have enough 1st and
2nd grade girls, then D1 girls stands alone as a division.
7. My child was held back or skipped a grade, which division can he/she register
under? Please contact me with specific information, we follow AAU rules for
ages when these situations arise.
8. My child is big for his age, or very talented and I would like him/her to play up a
division, is that possible? We have kids play up a division for several reasons,
please contact me to discuss your situation.
9. How many kids per team? It varies, but we typically have 7 to 9 players per
team. It really depends on how many kids sign up and the number of teams in a
division. Occasionally we have teams with 6 or even 10 players, but we try to
avoid that if possible.
10. How will my child perform when it’s his/her first year to play? This is a
developmental league, we have rules on playtime as well as rules that encourage
the basics of the game, especially with the younger players. That said, we have
many kids every year that have never played basketball before and others with
several years of experience.

Coaches FAQ:

11. How do I register as a coach? To register as a coach, look for the coach’s
“division” with the rest of the players registration. Everyone that wishes to coach
needs to fill out the registration details. If you are looking to be an assistant
coach, please put whom you wish to coach with in the notes.
12. If I coach a team, are my kids automatically on my team? Yes

13. Can I bring a team of kids to Magnolia Basketball that remains together? No, we
are not setup for this, we suggest Alodia in Tomball or The Woodlands for this
type of play.
14. I coach every year; do I still need to attend a coach’s meeting? Yes, we are
required to run a background check each year on coach’s and assistance
15. How do I get access to the gym? In most of the schools, the gym is access from
the back parking lot, many through the cafeteria. There should be someone to
open the door for you, the gyms are reserved. I suggest you get to know the
custodian and let them know when you practice.
16. Do I provide balls for my players? No, each child is expected to bring a
basketball to practice. If this becomes a problem, please let the board know so
we can work a solution for you.
17. When do we start practicing? Refer to the website and/or specific emails
addressing schedules.
18. What size do we use? Please refer to the rules on the website for complete
19. For Kindergarten and D1, are the goals lowered for practice, or do I arrange it
with the school? The schools are well aware that we have the gyms reserved and
need to lower the goals. A tool should be available for you to lower the goals, but
you may need to ask the custodian to provide it from a closet. Typically, they will
learn when practices happen and make sure the tool is available. Please expect
to lower and raise the goal for you practice.
20. We don’t have kids playing anymore, but enjoy coaching, can we still coach a
team? Yes, absolutely.